Car Crash: More Info!


From Kirsten K:

This morning around 5am, an (allegedly) very drunk/high woman blew the stop at Main and Venice Way and plowed through a parked pickup, a sign, a tree, and into the ground floor studio apartment. (And no, it wasn’t Lindsay!)

Pictures by Kirsten K

Amazingly, the woman had only two broken legs, and the guy who was thrown from his bed in that apartment and had to crawl over the car to get out, was not hurt at all.

Pictures by Kirsten K

I live a half a block from here, and was woken up by all the sirens and went down to see what was up. The guy (sorry, didn’t get his name), was hanging out, wrapped in a blanket that a neighbor brought for him (all he had was a tshirt, his underwear, and one sock). The pickup truck was sheared in half, and her car was in his apartment. People at the bus stop had run over to the scene and got the woman out of the car, and there was a small fire that was put out right away.

Pictures by Kirsten K

Now there is an apartment-sized hole in the side of the building, and I heard that his surfboards are okay!