Parking Code Special Meeting Tomorrow


Tomorrow at room 1010 of City Hall, there will be a “Transportation Committe Special Meeting” starting at 2:15pm. The meeting is in regard to file number 08-3125, which can be seen by clicking here.

This meeting will possibly result in the changing of law 85.02, as the advisements will later be presented to the full council.

If you are planning on attending this committee meeting for the purpose of providing public comment, please email Ms. Flores with the make, model, and license plate of your vehicle by 4pm today and you should not have any problems relative to parking.

Seal of Los Angeles

Of interest is that fact that the City Council’s Transportation Committee will consider changes to the Los Angeles Municipal Code at this meeting, clearing the way for implementation of the “safe parking” aspect of the Vehicles to Homes program. When I emailed the Councilman’s office yesterday for a copy of the possible changes to the code, they said they didn’t have it “at this juncture. City Attorney will be reporting.”

From the City:
Motion (Rosendahl – Zine) relative to creating a provision for Councilmembers to designate discrete and distinct areas of their Council Districts where people would be allowed to park and sleep overnight. (The Housing, Community, and Economic Development Committee waived consideration of this matter.)

Community Impact Statement: None submitted
Community Impact Statement: Yes
Support: Venice Neighborhood Council



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