Help Catch Bicycle Thieves in Venice


Thieves steal bicycles in Venice on a daily basis. It seems like it is a matter of “when” and not “if” your bicycle will be stolen around here … so why is it that not one single stolen bicycle report ever submitted to Yo! Venice! has had a serial number included with it? Seriously peoples! How does everyone expect the police to find your bicycle or make charges stick against the thieves they find with the bicycles if they don’t have the serial number to work with?

Help everyone in Venice by doing your share! Stop being lazy! Prepare!

Stolen Bicycle Venice Beach

It is a rainy day: take this opportunity to go take a cel phone picture of, and write down your bicycle’s serial number. When it is sunny, go engrave your contact info to the bottom of your bicycle … for free!

Stolen Bicycle Venice Beach

Each one of us can help reduce bike theft and catch bike thieves if we just write down the serial number on our bicycles. The police have tons of bikes they can’t return to the owners, since they don’t know who owns the bikes!