SPARC’s Confinement of Street Art: Illusions of Grime


On Saturday, December 11th, SPARC’s Planet Siqueiros series will present a politically themed exhibition titled “The Confinement of Street Art: Illusions of Grime”. The opening reception for the exhibition will be held from 7-11pm, and is free.


The exhibition will feature the works of nine L.A.-based graffiti artists: Dtwo, Brek, Sonji, Never, Gash 86, Silvana Jeyd Paredes, Tank One, Gustavo Muñoz, and Myron Reyes and urban beats by Jratmonster. Beats will be handled by Jratmonster.

SPARC’s Illusions of Grime exhibit will unify the voices of L.A.’s censored street artists, both muralists and graffiti artists alike, featuring works that reflect the destruction, removal and neglect of L.A.’s world-renowned murals and the criminalization of graffiti art in LA. Illusions of Grime asks us to consider the social impact of the criminalization of the graffiti art-form. Walls that once had murals are now being used as set up tactics by law enforcement to catch graffiti artists; according to the creators of the exhibit, the set-up tactics are being used to stop the graffiti art culture all together.

The nine featured street artists, most of whom were raised and have participated in L.A.’s street art culture for most of their lives, are uniting to create a “Street Artist Manifesto”. The manifesto will support SPARC’s Save LA Murals campaign, a proposal created by SPARC to preserve the murals of LA and establish alternative sentencing for convicted graffiti writers. Save LA Murals proposes seven action items to support artistic expression in LA: redirection of Graffiti Abatement monies; establishment of a mural rescue program that employs youth crews; establishment of alternative sentencing for convicted graffiti writers; establishment of community art events; redirection of tax monies from spray paint and markers; enforcement of the Visual Artist Rights Act (VARA); allocation of 1% of corporate ad space for public art.

SPARC is proud to present the Planet Siqueiros series that provides a unique blend of socially conscious art, traditional world music, contemporary musical styles, and spoken word. The event press sponsor includes KCRW and cash bar sponsor Breakaway Spirits, Inc. Donations will benefit SPARC’s Save LA Murals campaign ( and the restoration of public art works in Los Angeles.

Confinement of Street Art: Illusions of Grime
Saturday, November 11, 2010
685 Venice Blvd, Venice, CA