Body Found in Venice Canals


At approximately 8:30 this morning, an unidentified male was found lifeless in the water of the Venice Canals. Initial reports are saying that the unidentified man was dressed in jogging clothing and without identification. No foul play is suspected at this point in time.

Update: The coroner found a bottle of vodka the deceased apparently had in their possession. Maybe this was not a “morning run”, and not a jogger. More info when we get it.

Update 2: The unidentified man appeared to be in his mid 30’s to 40’s and somewhat tall. He was clean shaven with dark dyed hair and a receding hairline. His black “track suit” style jacket had a blue collar. The man was not known as a local transient nor a familiar face to residents on scene.

Body Found Venice Canal 11-20-10

Body Found Venice Canal 11-20-10