VNC Town Hall Postponed !


From the VNC:

Venice is the number one public visitor destination in Southern California. 16 million people visit us every year. Are we prepared?

Visitors come from Rosemead and Ventura, from Canada and New York, the UK and Ethiopia – from all over the world. Mostly they come here to have fun, but a few come here to live. Some buy houses, some rent apartments and some, unfortunately, live on the streets.

For the most part, visitors are great for Venice and the City of Los Angeles. But we pay a price for their visits. We must share our limited space and provide clean, attractive sites to experience and enjoy. And all those people need sanitation facilities and streets that are safe.

Even if we didn’t supply these services for our visitors, we would need them for ourselves – because if we didn’t, imagine what we’d have to deal with when the visitors left. We’d have trash on our streets, overflowing garbage cans, gardens and alleys that smell of urine, and feces to clean up.

Whoops – isn’t that what we have?

VNC Town Hall Meeting

· Discuss whether the city does enough to manage the visitors that come to Venice.
· Help identify the challenges the City faces to provide services for those visitors.
· Express your opinions and suggestions about potential answers to those challenges.

Thursday, December 2nd at 6:30PM
1010 Abbot Kinney Blvd.
Westminster Elementary School Auditorium



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