Another Day in Venice, Another RV Dumping


From Dave F:

Looks like they just tossed their waste on the sidewalk with buckets. Lots of TP, strong urine smell. On Abbott Kinney, a block north of Washington. Across from the gas station, in front of a day care center.

I did call non emergency right away, around 5:00 or so. It took more convincing than I’d like to get them to send someone. I had to get home with my 2 year old so I couldn’t stick around to see if anything happened. I talked to the hotel (Jolly Roger) maintenance guy and he said there had been an argument brewing all afternoon in the RV. Sadly, no one actually saw them toss it. I went by once and there was nothing, walked by 15 minutes later and the mess was there.

RV Sewage Dumping 10-26-10

Sorry I don’t have more info, I was a single dad today and didn’t have time to hang out. No more real facts than the photos. I forwarded the pix to my SLO and Arturo Peña. Arturo wrote me back immediately to let me know he alerted sanitation. For God’s sake, there is a day care center right there.

RV Sewage Dumping 10-26-10

Update as of 9:30 PM:

Looks like it was maybe hosed down a bit. Slight urine smell lingers. Remnants of toilet paper in the gutter. Most disturbing thing is the RV is STILL parked there. What gives?

Illegal RV Dumping 10-26-10

Update: HAZMAT has arrived on the scene as of 10:30 PM. When we hear back from Arturo Peña, we will let you know why this took so long.

Illegal RV Dumping 10-26-10