Lost Cat in Venice! “Big Worm”


Lost near Thornton and Pacific!

Dear Neighbors,

I need your help. I can’t find Big Worm. My cat. I say “my cat” but really he was a Lone Ranger of sorts; a stray who showed up 2 years ago and never left. And since the rains began last Tuesday, he has not been seen again.

Big Worm collage

He’s a big ‘ol black cat (please see attached pictures) with bright yellow eyes, short, black fur and a diamond of white on his chest. His claws are like daggers and I have the couches to prove it. You may have heard him defending his territory at night, a.k.a. my house on Thornton Ave. or maybe you actually saw him in your yard. Unfortunately he did not have a collar nor was he micro-chipped. When people asked me if I had a cat, my reply was, “He’s got a human.” I miss my Big one.

So, I am reaching out to you in case you have seen him. One of my fears is that he went under one of your houses or in your garages for shelter and got locked in. If you could take a few minutes to look in your garage or anywhere a cat might have had access to but now may be stuck, I would really appreciate it. Maybe you know that your neighbor is on vacation? I beg you to look and listen and see if maybe he’s there.

I hate to think it, but one of you might have seen him dead in the street. If this is the case, I really would like to know. Grieving is better than wondering and waiting. My hope is that he’s just decided to hang with you for a while and will be back soon.

Thanks for caring and Happy Halloween.

Your neighbor,

(310) 251-9077