Wurstküche Venice


There has been lots of talk on the internets today that Wurstküche is opening in Venice. Wurstküche have a hip and trendy beer and “exotic grilled sausage” joint downtown. Now it looks like the Wurstküche owners Joseph Pitruzzelli and Tyler Wilson have struck a deal with Gary at the Air Conditioned Supper Club on Lincoln.

Wurstküche Venice

It is a big building, so I’m not sure if the weenie place will take over all of the space or just a part of it. It Wurstküche takes over the whole space, it will have to sling a lot of weenies to make it pay off. I’m not sure that Venice can eat that many weenies, so expect weenie eaters from all over LA to invade Venice. More news from the AC Lounge when they call back.

Wurstküche Venice
623 Lincoln Blvd
Venice California 90291



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