Venice Beach Parking Lots : Overall Length Restrictions Now Enforced


Earlier in the week, Parking Concepts, Inc. (who control and enforce the parking lots at the beach) began enforcing length limits on vehicles that are allowed to park in their lots. The new restrictions limit vehicles parking in the lots to 17 feet in length. As a result of the restrictions, RV’s are non-existent in the parking lots of Venice.

Rose Parking Lot

As I had to make a trip up the coast today, I stopped at two local State RV campgrounds to peep the conditions and check what local alternatives exist for the RV Dwellers that may have to commute to Venice from elsewhere for work. (I have driven 150 mile daily round trips for work before, so these seem feasible to me: Venice to Burbank is a 50 mile round trip a day, Pt. Mago is 80 r/t)

1. Emma Wood State Beach, Ventura. $20 or so bucks a night, 90 spots in total along a one mile stretch of ocean. According to an official, 6 of the spots were taken last night, leaving 84 ocean front legit and legal RV parking spots. I was also told it is legal to have fires on the beach and also drink booze on the beach. Needless to say, I am having a camping party for my next birthday at this campground. It is simply beautiful. Peep the images full screen!

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2. Thornhill Broome Beach Campground, Pt. Magu. With a handicap tag it is $12.50 a day .. 20 or so without. Certainly much less than a ticket. Depending on the time of year, occupancy is limited to 7-14 consecutive days. I asked an RV resident if it was possible to “bounce back and forth” between Pt. Magu and Emma Wood St. Beach and they said “Yup”. Another beautiful beach that is intended for RV’s.

To see this slide show full sized, click here.