Don’t Drink and Drive!


Wonderin’ what all the police commotion was last night? The story starts with a guy and gal drinkin’. Then the guy left his old lady at the Terrace and went to The Whaler to supercharge his buzz. After gettin’ his drink on, the brain trust decided to hop in his old lady’s car and do some doughnuts around the intersection at Speedway and Washington.

Washington and Speedway

Fueled up on the “angry juice”, the guy proceeded to play automotive pinball on his way down Speedway, hitting the side of Nicks and a bunch of other stuff like a parked Caddy.

At South Venice, Mr. Macho man jumped out of the car and ran away, leaving his girlfriend at the scene to deal with the LAPD, who were not very impressed by Mr. Macho’s drinkin’ and driving.

Washington and Speedway

If you happened to see what happened or know who done it, drop a dime to the LAPD.