Axe Bandit in Venice Beach: Update


Update on the Axe Bandit:

Neighbor’s Report: The incident took place behind the apartment building in the parking area off of Eastern Canal Court. The victim, an occupant of the apartment building, returned. He parked in the building’s car port, then got out of his car. There was an unfamiliar old grey Chevy pick-up truck parked in a neighbor’s space. The suspect, a Latino male in his late 20’s, approximately 5’7 or 5’8, was hiding between 2 other cars.


The suspect came at the victim carrying an axe. He asked for the victim’s wallet. Victim said, “No way”, screamed “Call the police, I’m being mugged”. The exchange brought neighbors outside. The suspect then quickly left in the truck. LAPD was called and arrived on the scene to take a report. A partial license plate number was obtained.

Police Report: Location: Eastern Court / Sherman Ave. As victim was going to his vehicle, he was approached by the suspect who demanded his wallet. When the victim said no, the suspect raised a hatchet and threatened him again. The victim dropped his keys and took several steps backward. The suspect picked up the set of keys, opened the victims’ vehicle, rummaged through it and fled in his vehicle without taking anything. The victim was not injured. Suspect description: Male Hispanic, brown, brown, 5’09”, 150lbs., 25-30 years, gray shirt, blue pants. Incident No.: 100925002078

Thanks to Darryl for the report!