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“Other” Venice Film Festival 2010

The “Other” Venice Film Festival will be held this year from October 15th-17th. The event will be staged at various locations around Venice including Beyond Baroque, The Blue House and the newly added Waterfront Theater. The Music Video portion of the festival will benefit greatly by using The Waterfront’s sound system.

other venice film festival 2010

On Sunday from 4-8 PM the Abbot Awards will be presented at The Waterfront and admission is free. Insect Vs Robots, Big Mess and Ship of the Rising Sun will perform live and there will be a special screening of Director Hso Hkam’s “Adventures with Tonan” that is not to be missed.

Program Guide for The Other Venice Film Festival 2010

Friday 15th – 7:00pm The Big Blue House

* Dennis Hopper Tribute
* VIP Cocktail Party Invite Only
* Michael Jost Flamenco Guitarist
* Short Film
* Celebration of Venice of the Sixties
* Night Tide – starring Dennis Hopper
* Four Minute Dennis Hopper life-time achievement tribute by Danny Bresnick
* After Party

Saturday Oct 16th – Featured artist to be announced

Beyond Baroque
Youth Series – 10:00 am Free Pastry, Fruit & Juice
RT 60 mins

* The Nuclear Genie
* The Bully Caterpillar
* The Bare Show
* Toby’s Odyssey
dir: Steven Forrester
cast: Conor Edridge, Katya Fowler, Georgina Sycamore, Luke Coffey-Bainbridge, Jamie Thompson, Leigh Acton
cinematographer: Donato Cinicolo

11:00am – Action Short Block In Competition RT 65 minutes

* The Ricochet
* Amexica
running time:0:22:04
dir:Ron krauss
cast: Anna Lynne McCord,Joseph Ferrnate,
cinematographer: Jason Lehel
* Spare
running time: 0:08:55
dir: Tomer Almagor
cast: Al Sapienza,Andy Davoli
cinematographer: Oren Goldman

# The Interview
runningtime: 0:14:50
dir: Giovanni Zelko
cast: Tomm Voss,Harry Lennix,Jaye Razor
cinematographer: Mathew Delruth

# Desperate Pursuit
runningtime: 0:13:15
dir:Steven Forrester
cast: Jody Lee Harris,Duncan Malcolm
cinematographer:Jeffrey Owusu

12:30 – Feature & Short Comedy – RT 82mins

* How To Become An Action Star
runningtime: 1:02:00
dir:Michael Thomas
cinematographer: Austin Chavira
* Yoga Man
runningtime: 0:20:50
dir:Rob Lambert
cast: John Mark Triplett,Drew Droege,Allison Michelle Rivera
cinematographer: Gabriel Dinez

1:45 – RT 80 mins

* Broken dreams
runningtime: 1:20:00
dir: David Crabtree
cast: Eddie Navarro,Kelsey Ford,Jake Olson,Nicole Gerth,John Nicholas,Cj Mccrary,Daniel Montgomery,Anya Benton,Tony Forsmark
cinematographer: Matthew Boyd
* Feature
* In Competition

3:15 -Feature Documentary in Competition
# Tunahaki
runningtime: 1:22:00
dir: Mason Bendewald
cinematographer: Evin Grant, Mason Bendewald

4:45 – Under 15 mins – Shorts in competition 55mins

* Jesus Comes To Town
runningtime: 0:12:31
dir: Kamal John Iskander
cast: Steve Eastin, Claudia Christian, Alex Veadov, Buddy Daniels Friedman,Clifton Morris,Martin Beck
cinematographer: Roger Chingirian
* Maria in The Kitchen
runningtime: 0:14:58
cast: Shawn Belyea,Pamela Turpen,Tim Hyland,Gordon Carpenter
cinematographer: Gregory Monroe
* Cried Suicide
runningtime: 0:13:38
cast: Sarah Burns,Nicol Paone,Erin Foley,Marisa Pinson,Bryan Safi,Jill Kushner,June Raphael,Melissa Szilagyi,Mike Rose,Amy Rhodes,Pete Zias
cinematographer: Christian Sprenger

# Royalty Free
runningtime: 0:10:23
dir: Michael Bernstein
cast: Raymond Cham Jr.,Catesby Bernstein,Solomon Bonner
cinematographer: Allen Liu

Saturday Evening – All times and showings are subject to change

8:00pm – Marina Del Rey
Music Videos In Competition & After Party
Water Front Concert Theater

runningtime: 0:03:32
dir: Leah McKissock
cinematographer: Frederick Kim

# Take Me To The Heart
runningtime: 0:08:21
dir: Monte Wilson
cinematographer: Jeff Leyerle

# Ace Norton (maybe)
# Zultar
# My Southern Can Is Mine
runningtime: 0:02:28
dir: James Gerrity
# Or Mine /Big Mess
# Let Me In
runningtime: 0:03:08
dir: Matthew Schutt
cinematographer: Ben Staley
# The Way We Are
runningtime: 0:03:30
dir: john kenney
cinematographer: James Petersmeyer
# Pinsky
# Relax
runningtime: 0:07:35
dir: Casey Chan
cinematographer: Andrew Kurchinski
# Developing Her
runningtime: 0:02:40
dir: Natalie Bible’
cinematographer: Natalie Bible’
# They Can’t Deport Us All
runningtime: 0:02:30
dir: rocky curby
# Show/Chris Hawley (maybe)
# Performing
# Darkin Hollow
# Hi-Fi

Sunday – 12:30 – All times and showings are subject to change

* Soccer Mom – The Movie RT 72 mins

Soccermom is a popular Venice band living by the beach and enjoying fame. They have it all – the looks, the talent and most of all Helen, the hot lead singer whom every one adores. The hot chicks, the man-groupies and the pole dancers journey with the band as they spread through the Venice clubs. They never tour or doing anything but drinking and having fun. Written by Anonymous

Short Series & Experimental Block

* Inside Out/Side One
runningtime: 0:05:00
dir: Matt Meindl
cinematographer: Matt Meindl

runningtime: 0:25:00
dir: Rahul Nath
cast: Puja Mohindra,Shruti Tewari,Stephan m Singh,Anaya Bellos Khare,rahul nath,gregory zide,Leila Arias,Sandra Marshall
cinematographer:Vishal Solanki

# WithAnchovies..Without Mama
With Anchovies…Without Mamma
runningtime: 0:24:36
dir: Thomas Justino
cast: Adam Scarimbolo,Johnny Tammaro ,Joli Tribuzio,Zach Lombardo,Elias Ganster,Matt Trieste,Kelly Clark
cinematographer: Trent Ermes
# I Will Follow You Into The Dark
runningtime: 0:04:10
dir: Nik Tyler
cast: Emily Meade, Nik Tyler
cinematographer: Nik Tyler
# Clemency
runningtime: 0:18:08
dir: Joseph Albanese
cast: Cris D‚’Annunzio, Maury Morgan,Gerald Brodin, Zarah Mahler, Brittany Rossie Shaw, Anthony Ray Parker, Mark Irvingsen, Judy Fisher
cinematographer:Tyler Brazil

Short Block 2 –
2:45pm RT 65 mins

* The Shoe Maketh The Man
* The Buck Johnson Story
* The Sanctuary Park
Sanctuary Park
running time: 0:15:00
dir: Hayden Gregory
cast: Olaf Savage,Suzanne Chapman
cinematographer: Marcus Dineen
* Equestrian Sexual Response

Abbot Awards – Sunday 4:00Pm – 8:00
Water Front Concert Theater
Marnia Del rey
Special Screening of
Tonan’s Adventure’s
o Performing (subject to change) Insect Vs Robots
o Big Mess
o Ship of the Rising Sun

Free to the Public

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