Police Crack Down on Marijuana Dispensary in Venice Beach


The Green Goddess Collective at 70 Windward was raided this evening (7:45PM) by Police. All employees and customers are currently outside in handcuffs.

More news as it becomes available!

Just in from the peeps at Green Goddess:

Misdemeanor charges against two members $100 bail, released on own recognisance one other member brought in on unrelated warrant, everybody released within a few hours. Misdemeanor tickets for “failing to cease operation” and “medical marijuana activity without registration” All plants and medicine confiscated.

Police mistakenly believed the Green Goddess was not on the City registration list, we are, and as such are supposed to be able to continue to operate until further Judicial notification, we are going to seek restraining order from judge so that we may continue operation as early as next week.

Green Goddess Collective