Body Builders to Eat Weenies at Muscle Beach!


At 12 noon on Labor Day, is having a Hot Dog eating competition at the Venice Rec Center. Enjoy!

Hot Dog Eating

Added by Larry of “Big Daddy’s” in the forums:

Jeff Stanton’s historic book on Venice calls it “The Coney Island of the Pacific”. So, we are starting the Labor Day Hot Dog Eating Challenge. The West Coasts version of Nathans annual hot dog publicity.

One guy says he can eat 24 hot dogs in 6 minutes. Any longer get’s ugly…. We have the US Sumo Wrestling Champion as one contestant. He doesn’t think he can eat 25 in that time…. It will be fun to see
what happens.

I will have 240 hot dogs ready for the contest in the buns… So, if the 5 contestants can’t eat them… They will be free to the hungry…..