Rosendahl Supports LAPD enforcement of LAMC 85.02


Bill Rosendahl

From Councilman Bill Rosendahl:


I support efforts by the LAPD to enforce LAMC 85.02, which prohibits camping or living in a vehicle on city streets.

I am a staunch supporter of the LAPD and their efforts, and I have consistently urged that enforcement be a key element of a multi-pronged strategy to deal with the issue of cars and campers in Venice and CD11.

I have made this position clear to Police Chief Charlie Beck, Commander Andy Smith, several generations of local captains, senior lead officers, and the rank and file. I have supported expansion of the LAPD, secured additional officers for CD11, and continue to talk with police officials about a more focused strategy and additional dedicated resources to address this problem in our community.

We all share the same objective. No one wants people living in cars and campers on our streets. Reasonable people differ on how to accomplish that. I personally believe we need a box full of tools to deal with a multi-faceted problem. We need both enforcement and services.

I supported OPDs and fought hard for them. I support the Oversize Vehicle Ordinance and am moving to implement it as quickly as possible. At the same time, I am moving forward with the Streets to Homes program, and I am seeking to amend LAMC 85.02 so that we can find distinct and discrete safe places for the segment of the RV population who need help, who want help, and who are willing to abide by certain rules.

One single approach will not solve this problem. Enforcement is essential, but alone it is insufficient. We need a strategy that is balanced and measured, and both tough and humane.