State Legislature to Review Santa Monica Airport


Bill Rosendahl

At the urging of Councilmember Bill Rosendahl, the City Council today unanimously called upon the state legislature to approve a bill requesting a review of the environmental impact and safety of flight operations at Santa Monica Airport.

The Lieu-Pavley resolution calls for experts to study noise and emissions in surrounding neighborhoods

Assembly Joint Resolution 41, proposed by Assemblyman Ted Lieu and co-authored by Senator Fran Pavley, requests a study of the airport’s emissions by expert scientists and asks that those scientists offer remediation options.The resolution passed the Senate Transportation and Housing Committee and will head to the full Senate for a vote by the end of the month.

An estimated 130,000 residents live within a two mile radius of Santa Monica Airport.Earlier this year, UCLA physicians conducted a study, finding that airport operations, in particular take-offs and landings, caused elevated levels of black carbon to be emitted into surrounding communities.

Rosendahl, who represents many residents affected by emissions from Santa Monica Airport, said today’s decision is a big victory.

“Santa Monica Airport is a safety hazard.It’s too close to nearby neighborhoods,” said Rosendahl.“Operations at the airport pollute the air, create loud noise and jeopardize the health of residents and workers.”

Lieu, who represents the area in the Assembly, testified before the City Council.Community members from West LA, Mar Vista, Venice and other Westside communities joined him and also spoke in support of the Resolution.

Rosendahl also endorses a request by the City of Santa Monica to restrict usage of category C and D jets at the airport and would like to see the airport closed by 2015.

“There’s no question that Santa Monica Airport is a danger to people who live nearby,” Rosendahl said.“Families are dealing with a variety of health problems, some potential fatal.That’s unacceptable.”