Violence in Venice Continues: Stabbing 7/30/10


The LAPD is looking for two to three suspects in a brutal stabbing attack last night that put a local couple in the hospital overnight. If you witnessed the attack near The Canal Club on Pacific just North of North Venice please contact the police with your information.

N Venice- Pacific

The suspects are early 20’s white males that are believed to live in the neighborhood. During the attack on the couple, the male was stabbed 5 times. He is in stable condition after surgery and the removal of his spleen. His fiance was punched in the face and required stitches to her lip.

Update from a witness: They did not know each other. My friends were walking toward James Beach and the 3 punks approached them and said sexual comments to the girl. Her fiance told them “don’t speak that way to my fiance”. The punks got in his face and that is how the fight started. All three were beating the shit out of Justin then Abigail started spraying them with her pepper spray then they punched her in the face knocking her down. Then they ran to the other side of the street and Justin followed. They knocked him to the ground and started stabbing him. Then they ran into 1922 Pacific.