July 29th at the Santa Monica Pier: Indian Pop Rock Meets Bollywood


Tomorrow night The Twilight Dance Series at The Santa Monica Pier will feature Indian mega-star Kailash Kher and GlobeSonic dj Fabian Alsultany. As always, the concerts start at 7pm and are free to the public.

There is no greater star in Indian popular music today than Kailash Kher, a revered singer whose prodigious vocal gifts and inspiring personality have made him a household name across the subcontinent.

Kailash Kher’s meteoric rise from a humble upbringing outside of New Delhi to being appointed a judge for the 2008-09 season of Indian Idol is nothing less than remarkable. It is also a testament to the strength and appeal of what is undeniably one of the most unique voices in Indian music today.

While Kailash studied Classical Indian music in his early years, it was the traditional folk songs sung by his father that exerted the most influence on the young artist. In 2001, after a foray into the business world, Kailash left New Delhi for Mumbai, home to the highly competitive Bollywood film and music industry. Kailash’s first recording was an advertising jingle for a diamond company, made for the equivalent of $100. After recording a handful of jingles, the raw, earthy and soulful strength of his voice caught the attention of every production house and film composer in Mumbai. By 2004, Kailash had been catapulted to stardom, performing on some of the biggest hits in Bollywood. Kailash has been heard in over sixty soundtracks and near two hundred jingles.

After being introduced to brothers Naresh and Paresh Kamath, fixtures of the Indian rock and jazz scene, they formed Kailash Kher’s Kailasa, combining Kailash’s strong traditional folk sensibilities and lyrics that invoke Sufi-mystical dimensions with Naresh and Paresh’s more modern rock, electronic and funk influences. Kailasa can be heard to best advantage on their first American release, for the elite Cumbancha Records imprint. The superb “Yatra (Nomadic Souls)” features re-recorded and remixed classics alongside never released new material.

A first-generation American of Iraqi and Cuban descent, GlobeSonic dj Fabian Alsultany has spent his life bridging gaps. Dubbed by Billboard Magazine as the “World Music Impresario,” Alsultany is a dj and producer, an entrepreneur, futurist, and ritual connoisseur. He launched the live events division for Putumayo World Music, represented music industry legend Chris Blackwell (Bob Marley/U2) as Director of A&R at Palm Pictures, and founded Uprise Management & Productions where he represented some of world music’s biggest stars. Alsultany’s global approach to interweaving cultures and genres continues as he heads GlobeSonic Sound System, New York City’s hottest international music DJ collective performing at festivals, nightclubs, conferences, and at yoga and retreat centers across the globe.

Alsultany’s experiences reflect the sonic hybridization evolving since cultures began crossing. He has produced and guided the creation of dozens of albums, compilations, remixes, and concerts. Alsultany has been DJing since the mid 80’s, has toured internationally as the keyboard player for John Brown’s Body and Tabla Beat Science, and is in the process of recording his first album of original material. He mixes a celebratory ecstatic dance soundtrack of sacred sounds and eclectic riddims from India, The Middle East, The Americas, and the Outer Reaches of the Universe, creating a harmonious melody stretching across oceans, political borders and astrological constellations. With each DJ set an encyclopedic history of the future of the world unfolds.

Fabian has recently moved from NYC to Santa Monica.