Overnight Parking Program for RV’s Discussed at VNC Meeting


Miss the “Overnight Parking Program” discussion at the Venice Neighborhood Council on Tuesday? Peep the video below. For further understanding on what the program is from Councilman Bill Rosendahl, please click here to read his description of it. For resident opinions on the parking program, please click here to join the discussion in the forums about the presentation.

You may notice that I have not used the official “politico” title of “Safe Parking Program”. Due to my own personal experience with some (not all) of the RV dwellers being hostile, threatening both verbally and physically and in general quite unneighborly, I think that the use of “Safe” is not appropriate when describing a system that will allow some (not all) of these people to legally reside in the community at our own expense. Feel free to call it an “overnight parking program” as that is what it is, but don’t try and color it as a “safe parking program”. Who is protecting whom from whom around here anyway?

A big thanks to Andrew L. for the video!

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