Shuttered: Horizons West Surf Shop


From Yo! Venice! friend Mary B:

Opened in 1977 by an OG Dogtown skater Nathan Pratt, Horizons West Surf Shop has finally shackled up its doors. The building was designated as a city landmark in 2007 after local skaters and surfers, fought to protect the building from demolition.

Horizons West Surf Shop Shuttered

Horizons West seemed to be the last hold out of a real surf shop in so much that it didn’t push the crazy consumerism that has taken over the surfing industry. It was a place where you could buy an old board, shoot the shit about “back in the day” and maybe get high in the parking lot. RIP Horizons West. Let’s hope the next tenant won’t be having you rolling over in your grave.

Horizons West Surf Shop

Horizons West Surf Shop
2011 Main Street
Santa Monica