BumJokes.tv Venice Beach


There is a new website that posts “Bum Jokes“, and they have a series of them online featuring the transient “residents” of Venice Beach. The videos are “not work safe”, as they contain profanity.

From BumJokes.tv :

I feel people and where they are coming from. I am a Middle Eastern man in America. CALIFORNIA is where it’s @ though. I feel for people that don’t and can’t have much. So in a sense I am one of those people. I used to just give away a couple bucks to a bum just for the fact of my hearts deepest give.

I am a firm believer of paying it forward, a helping hand is a healthy heart. So I figure instead of just giving these bums a couple of dollars for free, I figure they could make my day shine a little better for me and enjoy hearing a couple of jokes. If you have any comments GOOD, bad, negative, POSOTIVE, nasty, or poopy, please let them be stated, and that’s because “We don’t hate”. 1994 / SNOOP DOG

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