KCET Departures: Venice Beach


KCET has a new “hyper-local” feature called “Departures” on their website which starts with Venice Beach. There is some great stuff on their site. Click here to see the many videos, pictures and stories that KCET is showcasing about our community.

When Venice founder Abbot Kinney died in 1920, he left his private home to his long-time chauffeur and companion, Irving Tabor. Tabor, whose family had moved from Louisiana to California at the turn of the 20th century, re-located the home to Sixth Street in the Oakwood area, where blacks were allowed to live. Tabor’s niece, Navalette Baily, and her cousin, Jataun Valentine, are the only remaining residents from that first wave of migration from the South, a living memory of the hope and aspirations of their family, and the ways in which the black community adapted to the changes in the area.

You can see more of the interview with Navalette and Jataun by clicking here.