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Proposition O Sighted at Windward Circle

Prop O and the Windward Circle.

In November 2004, voters of the City of Los Angeles passed the Proposition O – Clean Water Bond, authorizing $500 million of general obligation bonds for projects to protect public health by cleaning up pollution in the City’s rivers, lakes, and beaches. The projects are intended to assist the City of Los Angeles in meeting Federal Clean Water Act requirements.

Windward Circle benice beach

The Santa Monica Bay Low Flow Diversion Upgrade (LFD) projects consist of nine components: Marquez Low Flow Diversion LFD; Bay Club Drive LFD; Thornton Avenue LFD; Venice Pavilion LFD; Imperial Highway LFD; Temescal Canyon LFD; Palisades Park LFD; and the Coastal Interceptor Relief Sewer. The preliminary construction cost estimate for the LFD upgrades to the eight existing low flow diversion facilities and construction of the CIRS sewer is $20,000,000.

Windward Circle venice beach

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