LA Marathon: March 21st 2010


This Sunday the Los Angeles Marathon will be held. It has reached its capacity of 25,000 registrants. This is the first time in the 25‐year history of the event that the race has sold out. For that reason expect a whole bunch of traffic.

LA Marathon

Here is a quick little video of the LA Marathon Map for 2010:

Road Closure Info:

Please be aware that no traffic will be allowed to enter or cross the race course from 6 a.m. until police and public safety officials reopen the streets. In Santa Monica, this means traffic will not be able to enter or cross at any point along San Vicente Blvd. and Ocean Ave. between San Vicente Blvd. and Colorado Ave. until street reopening begins at approximately 3 p.m. at the east end of Santa Monica.

The California Incline will be CLOSED. The westbound lanes of San Vicente Blvd. will be OPEN. The eastbound lanes of San Vicente Blvd. will be CLOSED.

Ocean Avenue will be CLOSED to all vehicle travel between San Vicente Blvd. and Colorado Ave. Northbound traffic will be allowed on Ocean Ave. from Pico Blvd. to Colorado Ave.; advanced signage will be installed to notify motorists of the roadway closure at Colorado Ave.

Main Street will be closed between Pico and Colorado Avenue during the morning pre-event loading period and until Santa Monica Police authorize a re-opening. After that, the west side of Main Street between City Hall and the RAND building is a designated runner pick-up area – no parking or standing at any time will be allowed.



  1. […] That’s this Sunday by the way. Not typically a good day for trying to drive anywhere in LA, by nature of the fact that some major thoroughfares will be closed off, in a city where traffic is already quite bad much of the time. It starts downtown at Dodger Stadium and the finish line is close by here in neighboring Santa Monica. There’s a nice little animated map out. More info at Yo! Venice! […]

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