City Services List for Venice Beach


Yo! Venice! reader Jason S sent in a City Services List for Venice Beach that he typed up and thought others may find helpful. If you have more contact info numbers you wish to add to this list do so in the forums and maybe Jason can add them in.

Click here for the full sized image that you can print and put up on the fridge.

City Contact Info

From Jason:

Over the past couple of years, we’ve been working with the city on a number of local issues here near the Venice Library – street signage, graffiti, bus stop trash cans, shopping cart pickups, abuses of the library and park facilities, etc.

I’ve collected together some useful city contact information on a single sheet you can print out, keep near a phone, and share. Every phone call or email goes into a statistical database that, in addition to focusing and improving local services, can also help with future funding for Venice services.

Add key phone numbers to your cellphone and/or speed dial – and feel free to forward this to friends, etc.

Hope you find this useful to have and here’s to helping keep Venice clean(er) and safe(er) – every little bit helps!