West Coast Tsunami Advisory from Chile Quake


The West Coast Tsunami Warning Center has issued a tsunami advisory due to the 8.8 magnitude earthquake in Chile. An earthquake-generated wave estimated at 40 inches high may reach Venice just after noon today (February 27, 2010.) Varying conditions will cause the tsunami to vary in height between 24-40 inches.

Tsunami Map

While this is most likely not going to be an issue for Venice and it is likely a handful of surfers will go out so they can say they surfed a tsunami, it is still a good time to associate yourself with the tsunami evacuation map for Venice Beach. The “Cliff’s notes” version pretty much says that if is there is a tsunami around here you need to go East of Lincoln.



  1. […] Tsunamis are no laughing matter, but this official Venice, Playa Del Rey, Westchester Tsunami Evacuation map really blows my mind. It takes sooo many arrows to say, “Make for the nearest boulevard and head away from the beach.” If you are ever in Venice and there’s a tsunami warning, now you know what to do. Via Yo! Venice! […]

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