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VNC Board Meeting Agenda 1-19-10


The Venice Neighborhood Council is meeting starting at 7pm this evening at the Westminster Elementary School Auditorium and here is the meeting agenda.

1. Call to Order and Roll Call in memory of Carol Fondiller Berman

2. Approval of the Agenda [Ratification of items that require 2/3 vote to be heard – Items 5, 9A & 9I]

3. Approval of outstanding minutes submitted by Temporary Secretary, Kristopher Valentine
December 15, 2009 Board Meeting Minutes
(see http://venicenc.org/files/091215VNCBoardMinutes_KVFinal.doc)
[Committee Reports are provided in written form when available]

4. Consent Calendar [none]

5. Treasurers Report See Exhibit A for the report on expenditures for December 2009 [accept report as presented]

A Hugh Harrison (310-487-2533; chezhaha@aol.com) on behalf of Budget Committee:

1. Los Angeles City Budget Survey: The Los Angeles City budget survey is on-line at http://labudgetchallenge.lacity.org/budgetchallenge/sim/budget_master.ht…. All stakeholders & members of the Board are encouraged to provide their input for this important public tool for creating the City budget.

2. Return of $300 previously allocated to Harris Levey: The Budget Committee voted unanimously to return $300 previously allocated Harris Levey from the Board designated to community improvement projects to the unallocated budget for that purpose. The reason for this motion is to free up funds for other projects as this project did not occur. This is a request to return $300 previously allocated by the Board approved community improvement project for the Presidents’ Row concert to the unallocated budget.

3. Motion to approve funding for Santa Monica Airport
The Santa Monica Airport Committee has requested and the Budget Committee has approved the financial capacity to fund $850 towards a community survey and expert analysis regarding the use of the Santa Monica Airport. The project was voted affirmatively by the Budget Committee by a unanimous vote. This is a budget request for funding of a Board designated community improvement project for a Santa Monica Airport survey. The total requested is less than the balance remaining for Board designated community improvement projects in light of the return of $300 previously allocated.

6. Scheduled Announcements (no more than 1 minute per report unless otherwise stated)

A Governmental Reports

• DONE: Deanna Stevenson (Deanna.Stevenson@lacity.org)
• LAPD: Officer Peggy Thusing, Senior Lead Officer (310-622-3968; 25120@lapd.lacity.org)
• State Assemblyperson Ted Lieu: Jennifer Zivkovic, Field Representative (310-615-3515; Jennifer.zivkovic@asm.ca.gov)
• Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa: Jennifer Badger, West Area Representatives (310-479-3823; jennifer.badger@lacity.org)
• City Councilperson Bill Rosendahl: Arturo Piña, Field Deputy (310-568-8772; arturo.pina@lacity.org)
• PlancheckLA: Challis Macpherson (Chair-LUPC@VeniceNC.org)
• LADWP/MOU: VNC Representatives DeDe Audet

B Community Improvement Projects Report
Ivan Spiegel (310-821-9556; ivan13147@verizon.net): Report and announcement of upcoming CIP events.

C Community Improvement Project Applications See Exhibit B Ivan Spiegel (310-821-9556; ivan13147@verizon.net) on behalf of neighborhood committee: The applications for the 2010-2011 Community Improvement Project funding will be ready at the Board meeting. (See also:

D Flood Awareness Month
DeDe Audet on behalf of Linda Lucks (310-821-7922; Vicepresident@Venicenc.org) & Neighborhood Committee: January is Flood Awareness Month – www The focus if FLOOD AWARENESS for the month of January. Please post on your web sights, share at your neighborhood meetings and e-mail out to your members.

E Election Rules Update Ira Koslow (310-392-0868; ira.koslow@venicenc.org) on behalf of REC

F Community Plans Seminar Challis Macpherson (Chair-LUPC@VeniceNC.org)

G Community Improvement Projects Report
Ivan Spiegel (310-821-9556; ivan13147@verizon.net): Report and announcement of upcoming CIP events.

H Neighborhood Watch Campaign/Let there be Light in Venice Linda Lucks (310-821-7922; Vicepresident@Venicenc.org) on behalf of Neighborhood Committee: Create a Task Force of the Neighborhood Committee and local businesses to establish a Venice wide Neighborhood/Watch- install sensor Lights and sign up for Emergency Preparedness. suggested chair: Daniel Samikow.

I LAUSD Venice Field Office Grand Opening
Linda Lucks (310-821-7922; Vicepresident@Venicenc.org): LAUSD Board Member Steven Zimmer invites you to the Venice Field Office Grand Opening Meet Board Member Steve Zimmer and take the opportunity to make connections with other members of the community. Enjoy the company of your neighbors and friends with musical performances & refreshments. January 20, 2010 (4:00PM – 7:00PM) – 12923 Venice Blvd, Los Angeles, CA. 90066. (Corner of Beethoven) (310) 397-6758. Please RSVP to Dina at dina.cervantes@lausd.net

7. Announcements & Public Comment on items not on the Agenda
[15 min, no more than 2 minutes per person – no board member announcements permitted]

8. Old Business

9. New Business

A Approval of Faisal Gill as New Member of Neighborhood Committee Linda Lucks (310-821-7922; Vicepresident@Venicenc.org) on behalf of Neighborhood Committee: Motion to approve Faisal Gill as New Member of Neighborhood Committee to represent Ballona Lagoon East.

B Ratification of 2010 VNC Election Publication Rules See Exhibit C
Marc Saltzberg (outreach@VeniceNC.org) on behalf of Outreach Committee: Motion to ratify 2010 VNC Election Publication Rules.

C Decision on current Board member participation in 2010 election Ira Koslow (310-392-0868; ikoslowvnc@ca.rr.com) on behalf of REC: Motion: The VNC approves the policy of current VNC Board members prohibition from acting on the 2010 elections as soon as they declare their candidacy.

D Delete Standing Rule 17 – Definition of Factual Basis Stakeholder under LA City Ordinance 179680 Ira Koslow (310-392-0868; ikoslowvnc@ca.rr.com) on behalf of REC: Since the Bylaws state the current definition, SR 17 is redundant and should be deleted: A Factual Basis Stakeholder is defined for all Venice Neighborhood Council purposes as an individual who lives, works, or owns property within the Venice Neighborhood Council boundaries.

E No Dog Park at Oakwood Recreation Center (ltrs at: http://venicenc.org/files/CommMember-DogParkLetters.pdf) Carolyn Rios (310-450-2554; crlynrios@ca.rr.com): Motion that the VNC send a letter to both the Department of Recreation and Parks, Councilman Bill Rosendahl & LAPD supporting a Park Advisory letter that the Oakwood Recreation Center never be considered for a Dog Park & endorse circulation of the following petition:



F Possible Cuts In NC Funding [5 to 10 minutes for discussion only]
Linda Lucks (310-821-7922; Vicepresident@Venicenc.org): Board discussion of strategy by VNC to address possible cuts in NC funding due to extreme budget cuts.

G Regarding Cellular Tower Installations
Challis Macpherson (Challis.macpheerson@verizon.net): Challis Macpherson, VNC Board Member, moves that VNC Board of Officers’ respectfully recommend, with the City Attorney’s guidance and consistent with his recommendations, that the City enact a comprehensive new ordinance with clear and consistent standards and procedures regulating all wireless telecommunications facilities in the City, authorizing regulation of aesthetics and providing protection to communities and residential neighborhoods to the full extent of the law.

H LUPC Motions
Challis Macpherson (Chair-LUPC@VeniceNC.org)

1. 3221 Carter Avenue, APCW 2002-7626 CDP SPP SPR MEL, Council File 04-0939: Challis Macpherson, LUPC Chair, moves that the VNC Board of Officers accept the LUPC staff report and recommendation as voted upon January 13, 2010. To wit: LUPC is sympathetic to all issues, but absent a case and/or application no determination can be made until formal proceedings have been filed with the City of Los Angeles Planning Department. Made by Kelly Li, seconded by John Reed, passed with a vote of 4-3-0.

2. 1010 Amoroso Place, ZA 1999-0645: First Years Pre-School, a day-care center owned and operated by Margaret Grundstein for approximately 15 years. This is a renewal of existing Conditional Use Permit. Challis Macpherson, chair of LUPC, moves that the VNC Board of Officers accept the LUPC Staff report and unanimous recommendation that this application be approved as presented.

3. 709 Fifth Street, APCW 2009-2142 SPE: Challis Macpherson, LUPC Chair, moves that the VNC Board of Officers accept the LUPC Staff Report recommending denial of the application as presented because it violates the Venice Coastal Zone Specific Plan with respect to height, density, second floor set backs and illegal curb cut.

I Proposed Landmark Designation of Venice West Café
Joe Murphy on behalf of Aldis Browne (aldisbrowne@ca.rr.com): Motion to send letter to City Council supporting landmark designation for Venice West Café The Los Angeles Cultural Heritage Commission voted unanimously to recommend landmark designation for the Venice Beach site that served as a gathering spot for Beat Generation poets and artists in the 1950s and ’60s. Venice West Cafe, a coffeehouse where poets read their works and jazz musicians performed, operated from 1958 to 1966 at 7 Dudley Ave. in a commercial building that also had storefronts on Ocean Front Walk. Among others who hung out there were local poets and members of the ’60s rock group the Doors. The former Venice West Cafe location is now occupied by Piccolo Restaurant.

10. Announcements & Public Comment on items not on the Agenda
[15 min, no more than 2 minutes per person – no board member announcements permitted]

11. Adjourn (approx 10:00PM)
Exhibit A – Treasurers Report (see attached file below)
Exhibit B – Community Improvement Project Applications

To Venice Stakeholders:

I have received several inquiries about this so in lieu of having to answer everyone individually I am making this available to you.

The 2010-2011 applications for Community Improvement funding will be rolled out at the January Board meeting (Jan 19). I still have to finalize the date, but if we follow the precedent they will be due back on Monday, March 1. This allows six weeks.

In regards to distribution, copies will be given to all Board members at the meeting and everyone is encouraged to distribute them around the community. The application will also be available at the library and at Vera Davis, and on the VNC website. I also expect that there will be several e-blasts.

FYI – the Neighborhood Committee decided to follow last year’s format. Funds will be awarded up to $2000 per project. Previous recipients of funding may apply again but they will have to provide a one-to-one match. The total amount available for this year is again $20,000.

In the meantime, please start spreading the word and encouraging stakeholders to come up with great ideas to improve the community.

Exhibit C – 2010 VNC Election Publication Rules

Candidate Issue of Your Venice

Description and Publication Rules

The VNC will publish a special edition of its quarterly newsletter, Your Venice in late March, 2010, prior to the Board Election Candidate Forum. The VNC will publish candidate statements and their pictures so that stakeholders can get to know the candidates for each office. Candidate statements will be sorted by office and alphabetically within each office. Each statement will run with a picture if one is available.

The first page of the issue will be devoted to an article about the election and an article about the Candidate Forum. There may be room for additional articles; depending on the number of Candidate Statements submitted. The Newsletter will probably be an 8 page tabloid sized publication instead of the booklet size we’ve been publishing to provide approximately twice the content capacity.

Publication rules for Candidate Statements:

• Candidate statements submitted for publication must be presented digitally in either a standard text or MS-Word format.
• No image formats or “locked” formats (such as .pdf) will be accepted.
• Candidate Statements must be submitted on or before March 14, 2010.
• Statements must be 150 words or fewer.

Any statements submitted that do not conform to these rules will be rejected.

The VNC will format Candidate Statements to conform to VNC Newsletter standards (e.g. font, margins, and columns) but text will not be altered (so check your spelling and grammar!). Submitted statements cannot be changed or withdrawn by candidates.

NOTE: Statements in may be submitted in any language for publication. Statements in alternative languages may be submitted for publication on the internet. The rules for internet publication are the same as for print publication. Statements in alternative languages must be substantially the same as statements submitted for print publication.

Publication rules for candidate pictures:

• Candidate pictures must be submitted in either .jpg, bitmap, or .pdf formats
• Candidate pictures must be submitted on or before March 14, 2010.
• Candidate pictures submitted should be “publication ready” (300 dpi, color corrected, etc.) The VNC takes no responsibility for the quality of the image).
• Candidate pictures must be of the candidate; cartoons, drawings and other “non-representative” images will be rejected.
• Candidate pictures will be resized for publication. The VNC will not alter images in any other way (except those it takes at the Candidate Information as a service to candidates – see below).
• The VNC will take pictures of candidates who do not have a publication ready image at the Candidate Information Meeting, scheduled for March 14, 2010. Note: the VNC will make best efforts to make pictures it takes at this meeting publication ready. This may involve color correction and cropping. Candidates will have an opportunity to approve pictures taken at the meeting prior to publication, but there will be no opportunity to re-take photographs.

All Candidate Statements and pictures will be posted on the VNC website.

BOARD MEETINGS: The Venice Neighborhood Council holds its regular meetings on the third Tuesday of the month and may also call any additional required special meetings in accordance with its Bylaws and the Brown Act. All are welcome to attend.
TRANSLATION Services: Si requiere servicios de traducción, favor de notificar a la oficina 3 días de trabajo (72 horas) antes del evento. Si necesita asistencia con esta notificación, por favor llame a nuestra oficina 213.473.5391.
POSTING: The agenda and non-exempt writings that are distributed to a majority or all of the board members in advance of regular and special meetings may be viewed at Groundworks Coffee (671 Rose Ave Venice, CA 90291), Abbots Habit (1401 Abbot Kinney Blvd. Venice, CA 90291), the Venice Library (501 South Venice Boulevard, Venice, CA 90291), Oakwood Recreation Center (767 California St. Venice, CA 90291), the VNC website (http://www.venicenc.org), or at the scheduled meeting. For a copy of any record related to an item on the agenda, please contact the VNC secretary at secretary@venicenc.org.
PUBLIC COMMENT: The public is requested to fill out a “Speaker Card” to address the Board on any Old or New Business item on the agenda and the Treasurer’s Report. Comments from the public on these agenda items will be heard only when that item is being considered. Comments from the public on other agenda matters or on matters not appearing on the agenda but within the Board’s subject matter jurisdiction will be heard during the Public Comment period. Public comment is limited to two (2) minutes per speaker, unless modified by the presiding officer of the Board.
DISABILITY POLICY: The Venice Neighborhood Council complies with Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act and does not discriminate on the basis of any disability. Upon request, the Venice Neighborhood Council will provide reasonable accommodations to ensure equal access to its programs, services, and activities. Sign language interpreters, assistive listening devices, or other auxiliary aids and/or services may be provided upon request.

Westminster Elementary School Auditorium
1010 Abbot Kinney Boulevard
Venice, CA, 90291

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