Yo! Venice! New Year’s Eve Pick: Stronghold Abbot Kinney


A safe walk or bicycle trip for all of Venice, our pick this year for a solid New Year’s Eve Party is going to be The Stronghold. $40 will get you some free drinks, and if you want bottle service just bring a bottle. Live music will include Peter Goetz, Honey Honey, Paul Chesne and Willie Chambers of THE Chambers Brothers.

While The Stronghold can be pretty disorganized at times when putting on events, that is part of the charm of the place .. organized chaos … which to us makes for a good and loose party for New Year’s Eve, and a lot less spendy than some of the $3200 table-bottle service parties we got invited to.

Paul Chesne

10pm: Peter Goetz
11pm: Honey Honey (Ironworks Records)
Midnight Special: Paul Chesne & The Love Handles
1am: The Legendary Willie Chambers of the Chambers Brothers

The Stonghold Speakeasy New Year’s Eve 2010
1625 Abbot Kinney Blvd.
Venice, CA 90291



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