Venice Beach Skate Competition December 26th and 27th


Update: It appears that the “Skater League” and “” is bogus. There was no competition held at the park. They have not replied to our email request on information on who they are. Until they do respond, be warned that this group may or may not be legitimate.

Today and Tomorrow Skater League is having a skate competition at the new Venice Skate Park. Although the website seems a bit “odd” in the legitimacy department, it says admission is free and the event will run from 10am- 4pm. The judged events will be: Ollie 1, Ollie 2, Grind 1, Grind 2, Timed Run, Bowl Run, Freestyle Minute and 60 Second Bowl.

As we are out of town and Ray Rae is not feeling great, feel free to submit your pictures of the event!

Skater League Venice Beach