Bicycle Theft on the Rise in Venice Beach


A new alert from the LAPD to Yo! Venice! readers:

Bike thefts bikes are way up again. Please put a note on your blog and get the info out. Secure the bikes in a location that is not visible to the public. (they will enter yard to get the bikes, with or without locks). Use GOOD locks, they are cutting locks to take the bikes. Very IMPORTANT, get your make, model and serial number and store it someplace in the event you need to report it stolen. We recovered several bikes and were unable to connect them to a crime or return them because the owners did not know the information. It is important that the community help us help them by having this information (for all their property, not just bikes).

On that note … anyone seen Yo! Venice! reader Anne’s bike around? “It’s a Black Schwinn Cruiser, totally decked out with mud guards, a basket, lights and of course, the WeeRide baby seat. I can’t believe someone would take a bike with a baby seat on it.” says Anne. She can be reached through our contact info at Yo! Venice!

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