VCR’s Thanksgiving Food Hunt and Alley Cat Race Charity Tonight!


VCR is meeting up TONIGHT (November 25th at 7:30 PM) at the Windward Circle for a Thanksgiving food hunt and alley cat race charity fun ride open to cyclists of all levels.

VCR Thanksging Ride

From LaFixed:

The tuesday before thanksgiving the VCR crew is throwing an Alley Cat. All Riders are welcome of any skill level/any bike. Bring a Big Bag, a Lock and $20. The Race consists of going to at least 3 grocery stores in 1 hour and buying as much food as you can with $20. The rider with the most ammount of groceries Wins.

Cool prices and stuff for the winners.

All the food will be donated to feed the homeless on Thanksgiving Day (if you live in Santa Monica or Venice you are know about the homeless comunity.)