Fred Segal Santa Monica Sale!


Venice adjacent Fred Segal of Santa Monica is having their big sale this weekend and here is your invite to peep the goods at the presale! Thanks for the heads up to CarolineonCrack.

fred segal.jpg



  1. FUCK YOU AND YOUR PRECIOUS LITTLE SALE! You all bitch and moan about the little guy going under and then you promote this GLOBAL MEGA CORPORATION. FUCKING HYPOCRITES! ALL OF YOU!

  2. BTW, the previous post was not me, apparently a wannabe me posing, but clearly lacking insight and logic. But now that I’m here- “Hey everyone, lets go buy overpriced (even after sale) trendy crap so we can pose, feel better about our insecure selves, appear to be affluent and give money to cocksucking posers….there you have the truth.

  3. Fred Segal consists of one store which is family owned and operated. It was started by Fred Segal and is now run by his son Mike Segal. The store has different counters that feature many local Venice and Santa Monica designers … so … while it is a very successful and trendsetting business, it is certainly not a global business.

    Fred Segal of Hollywood is owned by Ron Herman who is believed to be a Venice Canals resident.

    Thanks for playing Esperanza!

  4. By the way .. last year I happened to be at super-go getting a bicycle tube and saw the sale going on. I got a pair of Addidas shell toes for 35 bucks … cheaper than the 40 that I have paid at the Camarillo Addidas outlet.

  5. It just doesn’t stop. I’m sorry but the pic that pops up on the right of “artist Jeremy Blake in Venice makes my blood boil. This pic is a prime example of the wannabe transplant east coast parents money talentless, but with a wealth of self-importance/pretention/cluelessness/smugness. Go fall off the rocks at breakwater you pussy ass poser cocksucker motherfucker. You need to be punched hard in the nose!

  6. It still is a happy little website … but some readers have grumpy pants no matter what we do. Such is life and it will not change what we post.

  7. In a first for YoVenice comments, user Esperanza has managed to have a comment they made deleted.

    I will continue to delete this users comments if they are just trying to incite for the sake of inciting.

    Making fun of people that committed suicide is not what this website is all about.

    Anymore BS out of this commenter and there will be a permanent IP ban.

  8. Go ahead and delete it you lil hypocritical pussy. Aren’t you libs all in favor of diverse opinion, tolerance and free speech? I guess only if it agrees with your view. You think I give a crap about this lil insignificant site, LOL!

  9. yes assperanza, we are in favor of diverse opinion, but when it’s true and properly stated…not when it comes from an uninformed, uneducated person that can’t get a point across without being inappropriate and unnecessarily offensive

  10. Oh my. Well I really don’t like the thought of censoring comments or deleting them because everyone’s opinions are welcome, but Bret is right – it seems that some people just want to be crude and judgmental. We do not want Yo! Venice turning into an outlet for offensive name-calling rants, and some people, while claiming not to care about our “lil insignificant site” can’t seem to stay off of it. So – we will do the honors, I suppose, if absolutely necessary.

    As always, productive and respectful exchanges of opinions and ideas are encouraged and welcomed.

  11. Esperanza: You’re so bitter. Breathe. Relax. Go get therapy. And if this site bothers you, stop visiting it! Why can’t you just accept people are different and stop trying to change everyone to think like you.

    I’m going to the Fred Segal sale, not b/c I’m insecure, but b/c I appreciate clothes and shopping makes me happy. I am not shallow, there are a 1000 more dimensions to me, 1000 more interests I have, etc. But so what, I like fashion. Big deal. Maybe YOU are the close-minded one.

  12. Not to get off topic of all the fun ranting….but do you have to pay/rsvp to go thursday night or can i just show up?

  13. LoLo,
    You don’t have to RSVP or pay, you can just show up. The owner of the sunglasses shop in Fred Segal Santa Monica said that technically this is open to the public and they won’t turn people away.