1st Annual Baja Cantina Taco Eating Champion!


Last weekend Baja Cantina held their first annual taco eating competition and it was awesome for the spectators. I shot some video but the video tape had glitches in it that may not be able to be recovered. The video also had all the winners names and how many tacos they ate. There was plenty of food inhalation and expulsion, beer company babes and even a pro taco eater with his own photographer sponsored by Coors beer.

Anyway .. the winner lived on Jib Street and ate somewhere around 24 tacos in 5 minutes as I remember. Anyone care to fill in the blanks for me as far as the stats? Enjoy the pictures here!

Here is the #1 Taco eater in all of Venice from Jib! Mad respect!

Baja Cantina Taco Eating Competition



  1. Very nice, Ben! As a fellow amateur competitive eater, I can only hope that no “performing enhancing” substances were consumed prior to your awesome display of absolute taco destruction!

    Your cousin,
    Sammy the Tapeworm