Sharks in the Santa Monica Bay


Yesterday while out and about we stopped to watch a fisherman at the Venice Pier pull up a shark. There was a lot of excitement and everyone around posed with the shark while it flopped around on the concrete dying which was a pretty sad sight.

sharks in santa monica bay

Here is a swimmer getting startled by the sharks that was found on the LA Times website

A quick search pulled up this story and video from KTLA news:

From KTLA:

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water, swarms of sharks are invading the Southern California shoreline and that has swimmers on edge.

Large schools of leopard sharks have been spotted along the coast near Venice Beach and Marina del Rey. Swimmers say the sharks are not afriad of humans and have come right up to them in the water. Although the sharks can appear menacing and can be up to six feet long, lifeguards say they are not threatening to humans. Leopard sharks are not maneaters and feast on shimp and anchovies which are plentiful this time of year.

Experts say the sharks’ visit to Southland waters is an annual event, and local beaches will stay open while they are swimming nearby. It’s not just Southern California that is seeing a large number of these spotted sea creatures, leopard sharks have been seen from Oregon to Baja, Mexico.

KTLA has a video of them here.