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Uncool people video

We were walking home from the fireworks when a guy in a car took a wrong turn into a group of angry bicyclists. As I said to the cops … “six or so punks on bikes took off after they dropped this guy to the ground in rat pack mode” just because he was in a car apparently .. his passenger looked all of 14 and in the video gets dropped to the ground by the older bicycle guys. ¡Mucho macho!

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  • All this proves is that drunks are assholes. Doesn’t matter whether they drive, ride, walk, or skateboard. I was walking thru the peninsula, and along Washington, last night after the fireworks. There was a lot of stupid behavior going on, it really made me sad for the state of our country. 4000 dead soldiers in Iraq, allegedly so we could be free, and this is what we do with our freedom? Act like rejects from “Jackass”?

  • Do you know why this fight started? From the video it looks like the non-bike guy is pretty aggressive and can look after himself.

    It seems like you had some reason to dislike critical mass before witnessing this. I’ve ridden on critical mass, I’ve never seen trouble, and the people on the ride are just out to have fun.

    And making vague threats on a blog? Not very cool.

  • Fredo, I changed the title so it is no longer reflective of Critical Mass. I have video from crit mass pretty much every month… I like bicycles more than cars and usually ride mine everyplace that I go.

    That said, these guys were pricks. From what I could tell they were all blocking the alley behind El Tarasco and when this guy tried to drive down the alley they started talking a whole load of smack. I started videoing after that first guy threw his bicycle at the kid in the car. Yes, the kid in the car looks hostile, but he had just had a bicycle thrown at his head.

  • what was the original title of this post, for those of us coming late to the game?

    from the looks of the vid, homie in the car should have just gotten the hell out of dodge. dudes traveling in packs should just be steered clear of IMO. anyone who tries to “reason with” or “educate” said groups of people is tempting the kind of outcome this guy got.

  • looks like the guy who got dropped, pushed the kid first. he got hit. he started it, and the other guy ended it.

  • i rode right by here and just kept going. we can keep trying to figure out who was to blame, or who deserved what, but bottom line is that we won’t know anything other than what eric said above…’dudes traveling in packs should just be steered clear of.’ the guy in the car may, or may not, have been to blame, but he definitely didn’t help things by getting out and shoving everyone around like they were toy dolls. the problem was that 4 or 5 toy dolls can still take you down. it’s a shame this type of stuff goes on. just plain stupid imo. on the flip side, there were TONS of people out there on friday night and as far as i could tell there weren’t too many problems that i saw, or heard of.

  • Ariel, I agree with you .. it is a shame this stuff goes on at any level. Fighting is what happens when you don’t know how to use your brain.

    There is video of people having a good time coming up next, as soon as I can find the Avid dongle so I can edit it …

  • Do you think all the perps have made a comment to this post? My bet is they have which is just as smart as the behavior on the video.

    Fixed gear bikers. . critical massers. . . take back the streeters. Come on. Has this not all been done before and done with class? The answer is yes. So it appears these guys are just followers who are guessing how to act, where to ride and what the point of it should be.

  • I love my bicycle, really I do. But when cyclists pay road taxes, then and only then can they say anything about rights of way, etc.

  • ok, so heres the deal, i was there. i was involved. in fact thats me with the red hair.

    Heres what happened.

    We were eating at el tarasco when this guy came whipping around the alley and almost hit us. He then started yelling at us, because we were in his way. He was cussing us out and yelling foul S*** at the ladies, so we yelled back at him. Same thing you all would do. Thats when he got out of his car. We, and especially me, asked him several times to get back in his car and leave, problem solved, every one goes home happy. He continued to yell and cuss, at one point he walked over to where we were eating and grabbed the KNIVES off the table and threatened to STAB us. Like i said, i PLEADED with this tough guy to get back in his car and be on his way. When he became physically violent, and by that i mean, when he laid hands on me, thats when you have to make a choice, eat or be eaten. I didnt feel like getting stabbed with my dinner ware, so i did what any one in that situation would do, i put him down. And yes, i did leave as soon as i saw the cops, because cops never give a shit about the situation, all they want to do is fill up there stat sheets and hit their quota’s…

    So, with that being said, i would suggest the person responsible for this libel, take down this post/blog before it causes damage to the reputation of the shop. My lawyer has advised me that once you are informed of the situation and choose to continue with your damaging remarks, we will be able to take legal action.

    Im not trying to be a dick, but you should really get the facts straight before you go mouthing off. This guy came flying around the corner, and then CHOSE to GET OUT OF HIS CAR and try to start a fight, even before that vid started asked SEVERAL time for them to leave.

    In ANY situation, if you get out of your vehicle and start an altercation, you are at fault, its acyually a FELONY, called road rage. this whole thing could have been avoided had he stayed in his car. Its not like we were looking for a fight, he was, and i dont feel bad at all.

  • ^ good to have first person perspective on it.
    People can watch a youtube video that starts halfway into a situation and formulate an opinion so easily.

    One general statement i feel is safe to make is:
    Fuck aggressive people in cars who want to stab bikers with plastic silverware.

    that’s what’s not cool in Venice

  • tim:

    i am not seeing the libelous statement here, but then again i am not a lawyer. perhaps your lawyer would like to elaborate on which of the remarks he or she believes could be characterized as libel.
    pretty sure that the video does not fall under that purview, it is just a straight record of the event.

    as my comment above reflects, i think the dude in the car should have just moved along. i appreciated hearing your side of the story. bringing a threat of lawsuit into this thread seems a bit over the top though to me.

  • So, let me see if I understand this:

    – You were eating at El Tarasco with a group of other people… sitting at a table not in a roadway.

    – Your bicycles were parked and locked legally and safely in accordance with the California Vehicle Code. None were in front of a red curb or outside of a parking area.

    – A car came “around the alley” at what you believe to be excessive speed (I assume you mean exiting Washington Boulevard around and on to Strongs)

    – The driver stopped midway through his maneuver, which was happening at an excessive speed, and for no reason started yelling at you and your friends because “because [you] were in his way”.

    For what it’s worth (and it’s not worth anything) here’s my take:

    – I’d be willing to bet the driver had “had one too many”. Why else would one guy get out of a car to pick a fight with a bunch of guys?

    – I doubt he was speeding. Based on where his car seems to have come to a stop on Strongs, he could not have been going much faster than 30 mph in the turn. And while that might seem like he was speeding to a bunch of guys on bicycles, that’s not speeding.

    – I highly doubt that you and/or the group of people you were with were without fault. If the guy stopped mid-turn and got out of his car, SOMETHING must have set him off. If he was really speeding, and really in a rush to get somewhere — unless there was something physically impeding his progress — the guy would have kept going, flipped you off as you choked on his exhaust while you sucked down a Super Beef Burrito, because we all know you love to suck Super Beef. By the way, that’s an example of libel assuming that your reputation is damaged at the notion of you loving to suck Super Beef. I make it for illustrative purposes only.

    But, I digress…

    Why don’t we all agree that this was just a bad situation that escalated unnecessarily, tempers flared… what happened happened. Everyone was at fault — including the guy that threw a bike at the car in the first place.

    It’s done.

    Oh, and remember:

  • YoVenice is not a news service. It is a small local blog whose purpose is to relay our experiences and thoughts about our town. While we do post factual information in some posts, many posts are about things we see or hear as we go about our lives in Venice. We don’t go crazy seeking out stories or making sure we include everything – because that’s not how we live.

    This blog reflects life in Venice, so we welcome anyone to submit their own post to us about what they do or what they are involved in. (Contribute! The more the merrier!)

    We encourage commenting and have never deleted a comment that wasn’t spam. We want free expression from our readers, and in return, we want to be able to express ourselves freely. For this reason, we do not take down posts in which we take an unpopular stance. Calling us out on stuff in comments seems to balance things.

    On a more personal note: I saw the video. It looks like people got in each other’s way and tempers flared. And? I guess if you were there, either involved or just witnessing, it was a big deal but to the casual observer of the video, it looks like some guys got into a fight with some other guys.

    The bigger issue to discuss is maybe this ongoing problem of cyclists and drivers not figuring out how to share the road. If any cyclists or drivers want to share an experience or opinion on this issue, email us. We’ll do a post about it.

  • ok, for all of you who really enjoy getting hyped up on half a story, im not sure where you got the idea, that one of us would pick up one of our bikes…which we use for day to day transportation, and heave it at a car.?! But this is incorrect information. It was the passenger who, before the video started, picked up Georges bike and threw it on top of the table we were eating. This happened several times before the first time you see it in the video. And still we held back our anger and CONTINUOUSLY asked them to get back in there car and go home.

    And @x90210, i hate having to explain myself to the pompous, but this ones for you…

    1. We were sitting at the table outside, on the alley side. Having just finished our meal, we were in the process of leaving. Some were still sitting, some were standing.

    2. The bikes, which most of us cherish, and ride daily, were locked while we were eating, and no, not anywhere near a red curb or parking area, this began within a couple feet of our table.

    3. I dont know the name of the alley/street, whichever street runs perpendicular to washington, and has an El Tarasco on the corner.

    4. Yes, in this instance, you are correct, a few of us were in “his way”, like i said, we had just finished and were preparing to leave.

    5. Pretty sure the guy wasnt drinking, seeing as how the police let him go with less than a couple ” is everything ok’s ” He picked a fight because he thought he was a tough guy, im sure this isnt the first time this guy has tried to BULLY people around. He just picked the wrong people this time.

    5. Regarding the speed issue, he was going slower than 30. But going any faster than 5-10, around a corner, into a tiny street/alley, at night, ON THE 4TH OF JULY WITH THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE WALKING AROUND, is speeding. You tit.

    6. We have 0, thats ZERO fault for the way this started. He most likely wasnt in a rush, to get anywhere, more like just driving like an idiot, hence his quick exit from the vehicle and into our faces. Because you dont see it in the video, i wont hold it against you that you feel like we provoked him. But i feel its only right that i set you straight on this issue as well. As soon as he turned the corner and starting cussing at us, we told him to chill out, and slow down. He INSTANTLY got out of his car and tried to start fighting us.

    You digress,….. no you disgust. Your snarky remarks pertaining to “sucking super beef” are juvenile at best, and you should be ashamed of yourself. Actually you probably already are, hence your over zealous (and anonymous) interpretation of something you have no fact based information about.

  • side note, i wasnt trying to be a dick or anything with the legal remarks. however, certain uninformed statements, can cause damage directly and indirectly to people and businesses. I’m working with Bret amicably to resolve the issue and get the whole story covered.

  • I usually find bikers to be quite annoying and I’m quite loath to say it, but after watching the video, it looks like the car guy was the one who kept escalating things and the bikers just watched each others’ backs. It was hard to tell from the video, but the car guy looked like he got what was coming to him.

    The bigger question in my mind is why did the cops just let him drive away after he got out of his car to get into in a fight on 4th of July? That kind of behavior is usually associated with drinking, which is probable cause for a breath test.

    On a side note, what the hell is going on with car/bike conflicts lately? That article in the Times about the incident on the 4th in Mandeville Canyon is crazy.

  • For what it’s worth….

    I was at the “altercation”, in fact, the asshole swung into that ally right in front of me (as we were done with our meal and getting ready to leave). This young man driving (looked no older than 17) and his friend (looked 15) in their moms fucking toyota camry started to spit some shit out the window telling us (me included) to get the fuck out the way…I am positive that if it were any other group of people, the driver would have tried to fight them too, that was his thing, he was looking for it, and he got it. If you even watch the video carefully, the driver and passenger leave the altercation walking, talking, and alive to fight another meaningless fight, with no one in particular. All I have to say (as I was DIRECTLY involved) was that the driver is/was an asshole who deserved much worse than he fucking got.

    Self defense bitches! and ps, what idiot gets out of the car to fight 8+ people when there’s only two of you? RETARDS.

  • dan..comment #11

    you are fucking asshole.
    taxpayer status has ZERO to do with rights to the road..hey maybe you should be a LAND OWNER to VOTE..

    and x90210..keep your bullshit opinions to yourself..and take your sorry ass BACK to BH

    fucking pricks..

    you are the ones need a beatdown. know these fux?
    lets ‘get together’ w/em..i wanna ‘talk’

  • This was posted over on CHP Forums and I wanted to weigh in with a few comments.

    I’ve been on the job for 15 years. The only time 1 scofflaw decides to pick a fight when he’s grossly outnumbered is when he’s on some substance. in the future, get away from that guy, because he’s capable of anything. He may not have looked it, but when basic survival instincts get “overridden” it’s almost ALWAYS substance abuse of some kind. Or someone just plain FUBAR in the brain who might start swinging a dirty needle. Get away. Turn and run.


    I don’t patrol surface streets anymore, but if I were the unit that responded to the scene, I would NOT have let anyone get away. What can I say? I do this job for the suspense of the hunt and the thrill of the chase. The reality is that by leaving the scene, there can be limited criminal complaints against the suspect, which is critical to prosecution. If you want the guy to go away, you’ve GOT to be a witness. And these days, witnesses are harder to find than criminals, so we work hard to find them.

    It’s like calling 911 when you get passed by a car going 120 mph. By the time I catch him (if I don’t already have him — I’m very good at my job and tend to leave the 80mph drivers alone) he’s slowed down and I can’t write a summons the way I want to. The witness needs to come to the scene of the arrest (a traffic summons is technically an arrest, by the way, you’re being detained during an investigation… although it does not show up on your record as an arrest) to identify the driver/car and make a formal statement. If that doesn’t happen there’s very little that can happen if a peace officer did not witness the altercation. Same is true here if there are not enough first-party witnesses, which is why I bring it up.

    Finally, just be happy that I was not on duty that night. I would have started giving breathalyzer tests to everyone. Even the folks on bicycles. It’s the easiest thing to do to get folks off the street. Very little paperwork (we HATE paperwork) and frankly, a very simple arrest to make. DUI is also a political hot-button, and we get a lot of points for making those arrests.

    Sorry if this didn’t really “conclude” anything. but I wanted to add a few points. Remember, safety is the most important thing. And not “settling things.” You want to settle it? Call the cops. Wait around to make a statement. The pen is mightier than the sword and court proceedings can be worse than death for the truly guilty…

  • Thanks for the advice, Officer!

    We’ve been posted on the CHP forum? Yikes, I hope you’re not hating on us for our recent post about your LAPD brothers enjoying a burger at Hinano. 😉

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