Mt. Rushmore coming to Venice Beach?


As a promotional gimmick for the Nicolas Cage film National Treasure 2 coming to DVD, Disney thought it would be a good idea to have world renown sand sculpturist Todd Vander Pluym create a 10’x25′ replica of Mt. Rushmore on Ocean Front Walk. Did the movie suck so bad a Disney shill will be out there charging tourists a buck donation to take a picture in front of it to help make back the budget?

We liked Nic Cage in Raising Arizona, but probably will not be seeing this National Treasure film since the real Indiana Jones is coming back to a theater near us sometime soon. Cage also used to have a place at 25th and Ocean Front walk with Lisa Marie Pressley but he sold that so we don’t feel like we need to see his films anymore just to support the local art scene. Hah.

raising arizona.jpg

Where: Windward and Ocean Front Walk
When: Saturday, May 17, 2008 thru Monday the 19th