Advertising on the Boardwalk Part 2


A few posts back, Keri pointed out that Ocean Front Walk is becoming overly crowded with advertising. I came across one of those “is this guy serious” links today on YouTube that shows one of these advertising “greats”, Steven Barber trying to pimp some Venice wall space for advertising. Is this what our wonderful city is up against? Yikes.


  1. I don’t mind ads in Venice, they are common in most urban areas. But I don’t like ads everywhere.
    Just because there is an empty wall, doesn’t mean we should blast some sell message.
    Overall it will look bad, if there are ads everywhere, but the impact will also be smaller.

  2. If it were such effective ad space, shouldn’t he place his ad there? I mean, geez, people. Think.

  3. He is far from one of the advertising greats, lol.. He’s over the hill, and old school..
    who gives a damn about ads poppin up everywhere, people talk the talk , but when we call and offer 10k a month to lease ad space the answer is always yes, and when the city counsel members get “campaign donations” from us they never seem to complain.. Its all about $$.. there are far more pressing issues in the city besides our ads and other companies ad’s.