Lord of the bridge!


Dictator of the canal bridge near Baja.





  1. He told me his name was Dan once, but somebody else got a different name. I fear for him because he sometimes becomes quite agitated at passing motorists & peds, in contrast to his normally calm demeanor, and a non-local who isn’t used to him may hurt him. Even I avoid him when he is agitated.

  2. I hate this loser….he creeps and freeks me out…I wish he would slip on his own puke and his legbone puncture his ass and poop cover his body as he slips silently into the canal! Then he would not smell so bad! Why is he there? he cant be trusted I know this because my dog does not like him either.
    Our canals do not need a gate keeper except for a hot chick in a string bikini handing out shots of tequila, cant we trade in this guy for that??

  3. I call him Nervous Mickey becuase he wore a shirt with that name printed on the front for several weeks. It has been sad to watch him lose out to madness. Only a few months ago he was a silent beggar. Now he’s angry and embittered. It is best to avoid him at all costs.