Written in the Stars

Respect toward all sentient beings and ecological balance will trump greed in 2018. Courtesy Thinkstock.

A new year brings with it the hope of a new frontier, a chance to leave the past behind and blaze forth into the future. As an alternative way of understanding human action and emotion in 2018, Yo! Venice managing editor, Melanie Camp, posed a few questions to the globally recognized astrologer, Mystic Medusa.

Where is the human race headed?

I would like to think that we are gradually evolving toward a more pantheistic culture, that is we revere the earth and other creatures we share the planet with as a form of deity. So respect toward all sentient beings and determination to keep the ecological balance will trump greed. This would not be anti-business or commerce but rather a radically prosperous new paradigm.

Why do you believe the effects of outing predatory behavior from Harvey Weinstein et al. is something that will evolve the human race and not slip back to the way it was? 

As they say in Twelve Step programs and psychotherapy, “we are only as sick as our secrets.”  If people want to be openly polygamous or pursue beautiful women or even hire sex workers, let them. But the culture of coercion and reduction of young people to being purely their sex appeal is a toxic version of creativity and romance or seduction. It was and is also inequitable, and gender, race, age or sexual identity should not be cause for discrimination. So I think like any open discussion of poisonous, energy vampire dynamics, it will ultimately lead to good.

In America, people seem scared. In the last ten years, Hollywood has bombarded us with Armageddon type films. Maybe this has infiltrated the American psyche and has left people believing it’s the beginning of the end. As Saturn moves into Capricorn, how will we start feeling?

Saturn in Sagittarius (from late December 2014 through late December 2017) stripped away the delusions – concept; arrows of truth.  Saturn in Capricorn (now until March 2020) – augmented by Uranus in the ecologically conscious sign of Taurus – is more about building/rebuilding on a more authentic foundation.

What can people do in their own lives to better deal with the what lies ahead for the human race? Sometimes you say, lay low and strategize and other times you say go forth, radical candor blazing.

Try to be authentic and live your core values without being manipulated by cynical marketers.  As for the timing of when to lay low and when to blaze forth, you’ll have to read the Horoscopes!

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