Zika Confirmed in 2 Pregnant Los Angeles Women



The second case of Zika virus infection in a pregnant woman in Los Angeles County has been confirmed  by the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health.

Like with the county’s first case, the woman had traveled to an area of ongoing Zika transmission, a department official said. Out of respect for privacy, the department is unable to provide any information on the details of individual cases.

Already one baby has been born in the States with a severe case of Microcephaly, the Centers for Disease Control reported Friday. Of the 9 pregnancies total across the US in mothers with the virus, 2 have had miscarriages, 2 chose to have abortions, 2 gave birth to healthy babies, and 2 are continuing with their pregnancies.

While local transmission has not occurred in Los Angeles County, the Aedes mosquito that can transmit Zika is present in the San Gabriel Valley and in the eastern part of the county, the official said.

The Aedes mosquito can also transmit dengue fever and chikungunya infection. People can reduce the spread of Aedes mosquitoes by eliminating sites around their homes where mosquitoes may breed by getting rid of containers and any other sites where water may collect and mosquitoes lay their eggs.

The CDC is recommending pregnant woman do not travel to South America. The virus has thrown a shadow over the upcoming 2016 Summer Olympic Games and Paralympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, because of the Zika virus outbreak in Brazil, the CDC issued a travel advisory on Friday, warning pregnant woman should consider not going to the Games.

Countries as far off as Australia have reported cases of the virus, all in people who have traveled to South America recently.