County Looks at Marketing Firm for Obesity Program

A media buy is in the works to promote health eating and obesity prevention. (Thinkstock)

A local marketing firm just a few blocks east of Venice could be helping County officials to do a media buy plan for the promotion of healthy eating and active eating as part of the National Education and Obesity Prevention program.

At the request of the California Dept. of Public Health, the Los Angeles Board of Supervisors were reviewing a work order worth more than $1 million to contract media services to RadioWave Marketing and Promotions.

The contract would be for $1,044,191 and funded by a U.S. Dept. of Agriculture grant.

RadioWave is located near the intersection of Venice Boulevard and Beethoven Street, in the shadows of Venice High School.

Once executed during the next few weeks, the media campaign would, according to Los Angeles County’s public health director Jonathan Fielding, “promote healthy eating, active living, and health and safe environments among Los Angeles County residents.”

The media buy would specifically target CalFresh recipients who earn at or less than 130 percent of the federal poverty level (FDL), as well as Latinos and African Americans who are at or below 185 percent of the FDL.

Census data will be used determine the specific media placement.

“The goal of the public education campaign is to educate and empower these targeted populations within Los Angeles County to select healthy foods and beverages, promote active living, and increase physical activity for the purposes of increasing nutrition education and decreasing obesity within these populations,” Fielding said.

Formerly the Network for a Healthy California, the Nutrition Education and Obesity Prevention program states its mission is to “create innovative partnerships that empower low-income Californians to increase fruit and vegetable consumption, physical activity, and food security with the goal of preventing obesity and other diet related chronic diseases.”

Through the program, California has qualified for about $110 million for federal reimbursements of nutrition education in 2011.