Raelians Stir Up Controversy in Venice Beach


The Jewish Journal is reporting that the Raelians (known for their annual “Go Topless Day) flew a banner in the skies above Venice yesterday promoting ProSwastika.org.

Image via The Jewish Journal

From the Jewish Journal:

The airplane banner reads, “proswastika.org.” It was sponsored by the Raelian group, which seeks to reclaim the swastika as a religious symbol. From the web site:

The Swastika has been a symbol of peace for millions of Hindus, Buddhists and also Raelians since it is their symbol of infinity in time, their symbol of eternity.

Today, in order to redeem themselves for past horrible discriminations done under a flag showing this symbol, German authorities are discriminating again, telling Hindus, Buddhists, Raelians and all other groups who have been using this symbol for centuries for some of them, that the representation of their beliefs is not welcome in Europe!

Banning cannot solve anything, education is the only way!

Of course, what better way to bring world peace than to fly a swastika inside a Star of David over a crowded beach on the Westside of Los Angeles?

If you have more information on this incident, please email The Jewish Journal.



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