Feed the Homeless in Venice: Thanksgiving 2011


The Send Me a Penny Foundation will host their annual “Feed the Homeless in Venice Thanksgiving Day” tomorrow morning at the basketball courts starting at 7am.

Send me a Penny

From Send Me a Penny:
At this Event we invite you and your Family or Friends to join us by cooking your turkey/ ham or any other dish youd like to give away to The Homeless on Thanks giving Day. Thank You for supporting us thru 5 years of FEEDING THE HUNGRY DURING HOLIDAYS!!!

2010 WE HAD OVER 100 Volunteers with Families and friends, Cook TURKEYS,HAMS, ROAST and so much more. There were no Limits and WE TURNED NO VOLUNTEER AWAY. Always feel FREE to join in A Blessing For Others. This Year WE Invite You and Your Friends and Family to join us for An AWESOME DAY OF THANKSGIVING. Please feel Free to MAKE YOUR FAVORITE DISH or Cook whatever you’d like. it will all be given away and someone Who is Homeless will Enjoy it…

NOTES; 7:am is Setup / meet and greet everyone while unloading
7:30 is cameras and pictures/ acknowlgements..
7:45 is Announcements and The Lords prayer (optional)
8:00 am is Eating time for The Homeless..
9:00 am is Clean-up /
9:30 am is Finished…

We are meeting at 1800 Ocean Front Walk, 90294. you may park in The lot on Venice Blvd for $5 or pull up to unload first then find parking.

Items to think about;

Pie, Mashed potatoes,greens, yams, whipped cream, water,drinks,donuts,coffee,creamer, tables, napkins,spray bottle cleaners, trash bags, spoons,cups, pencils, paper, business cards, your camera, turkey’s, ham, roast, warm clothing, donated clothes, hygene, toothpast,blankets, scarves, gloves etc. You may bring Friends if youd like…Thank you so Much in Advance…

If you would like to stay longer, upon completion, all leftover FOOD will be given away at Another location in Venice Beach Boardwalk. You are welcome to stay and help us reach the people who miss the morning Blessing.

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