Help “Hand Me Ups” on October 31st!


Hand Me Ups, a non profit that provides new clothing to underprivileged youth, will be hosting a “Halloween Haunt” at the Boys and Girls Club of Venice on Monday, October 31st from 4-6pm. Speakers will include Tony Alva, Jonathan Paskowitz and Calvin from Kid Creature doing live art.

If you are interested in volunteering, please email Hand Me Ups by clicking here. You can use that same email address if you are a local store that would like to donate clothing! You can also donate online!

From Hand Me Ups:

There are millions of children around the world in a state of poverty, many of which rely on humanitarian organizations to remain alive in such poor living conditions.

Grateful for anything they can get their hands on, these underprivileged youth are custom to receiving old, used, and often inferior hand-me-down clothes. Now, with the help of Hand Me Ups and our valued partners, these same kids can be outfitted in new, clean, and desirable branded clothing that will allow them to experience an enhanced sense of self-worth and a new sense of purpose.

Guiding the children of today will assure our tomorrow with new, innovative ideas that will set the trends and energize the forces that shape how business is conducted in the future. We look to prepare our youth academically while elevating their dignity and self worth with a new set of clothes. By us planting this seed of confidence, we are creating the opportunity for these young individuals to grow into something truly amazing.

Hand Me Ups obtains support from clothing brands and manufactures who show a philanthropic interest by generously donating their new, excess, unsold stock.

We then distribute the clothing to underprivileged youth through diverse organizations who specialize in helping kids reach their full potential as productive, caring, responsible citizens working to achieve their personal and educational goals. These partners know the communities in which they work and help us ensure that the youth of tomorrow receive the new clothing they need in a manner that maintains dignity and fosters economic development.

The kids who participate in these events leave with a new sense of self worth and motivation to rise above their current state of poverty by utilizing their new found creativity, independence, and strong dignity.