Sea•thos Foundation Abbot Kinney


As part of the First Fridays celebration tomorrow on Abbot Kinney, The Sea•thos Foundation will be having an open house with music (Terraplane Sun at 9 pm), food and drinks! The Sea•thos Foundation promotes education and awareness of the human impact on the world’s oceans. Stop in and get involved!

Sea•thos Foundation

From Sea•thos:

Sea•thos is committed to building a future with vibrant and healthy oceans. We seek to understand the problems through science, and with that knowledge, promote the responsible stewardship of precious resources for future generations.

Sea•thos was started because we love the ocean and we understand that it is dying. Sea•thos is a community with an intimate connection to the ocean and a passion about developing answers to the challenges now and in the future. We are activists, individuals, investors and companies who join with worthy organizations to promote our message and change the course for our most valuable resource, the ocean.

The Sea•thos Foundation
1212 Abbot Kinney, Suite C
Venice Beach 90291