LAPD Venice Weekend Crackdown: 197 Arrests


Dennis Romero of the LA Weekly has the results in from the LAPD Venice Beach crackdown this weekend: 194 misdemeanor arrests and three felony arrests along the beach and boardwalk on Saturday and Sunday.

From the LA Weekly:

Venice has long been the bohemian heart of L.A., a crossroads of art, music, surfing, cuisine, and pot smoke. It’s as laissez-faire as laid-back as SoCal gets. Except last weekend.

Police were out in full force following three previous weekends of violence on the sand and near the boardwalk. The crackdown resulted in a number of arrests and citations that was three times the amount cops would see on a normal spring weekend, LAPD Sgt. Patricia Suarez told the Weekly.

Fifty-nine people were booked into jail, Suarez said.

Many of the arrests and citations involved minor allegations such as having an open container of alcohol, smoking on the beach, having a dog that’s not on a leash, she said. Some folks had warrants.

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