C.A.V.E. Gallery : Gosha Levochkin


This Friday from 7-11pm, C.A.V.E. Gallery will hold an opening reception for their new exhibit “Going Places”, which features a solo show by LA artist Gosha Levochkin. The show will run until November 6th. The opening reception will have DJ’s and live painting by John Park.

Gosha Levochkin

C.A.V.E. Gallery
507 Rose Ave Venice CA 90291
310 450 6960

From C.A.V.E. Gallery:

“Going Places” features an exciting new series of work by Gosha Levochkin, that stems from an exploration of and reaction to the artist’s urban environment. Gosha focuses on the effects of time and use on buildings and structures, and depicts how this wear and tear contributes to their city’s unique history and character.

Gosha’s work is inspired by his personal exploration and the inherent need to wander, roam, explore and search for somewhere new. He is intrigued with how people live their daily lives in urban density and clutter and somehow make it all work. Gosha imagines how each city dweller has a personal view of their surroundings visualized in their minds. He brings these images to life in his artwork, through playful yet thought – provoking compositions.

The exhibition is comprised of a series of bold ink drawings complemented with a bright watercolor and gouache palette. Gosha’s impressive new body of work captures visions of an urban apocalypse, stylistically expressed with an underlying humor, in a compelling and captivating way.