Great Whale Watching This Year!


We saw over on LAist that this year whale watching is supposedly the best in many years! From Mark Gold’s (president of Heal The Bay) blog:

All in all, we saw about 30 Blue whales and they were all scarfing down krill above the Redondo Submarine Canyon. We were never more than three miles from Redondo Harbor. We saw males racing. We saw about 20 flukes. We saw two Blues feeding on the surface as they swam right at our boat. We even saw two humpbacks and schools of baby mola molas! We were all witnesses! Numerous paddlers floated with a few feet of feeding Blues. I can’t even imagine the emotions they must have felt.

I’ve lived here my entire life. This is the first time anything like this has ever happened in the Bay during my lifetime.

Locally, it looks like Marina Del Rey Sportfishing offers Whale Watching tours. They can be reached at 310-822-3625, but maybe there are more whales down near Redondo?