Councilman Rosendahl Responds to Sewage Dumping


From Councilman Rosendahl:

Councilmember Bill Rosendahl today issued the following statement regarding incidents of human waste being dumped on Venice streets.

Bill Rosendahl

“In the past few days, alert and vigilant Venice residents noticed and reported three incidents of human waste being dumped or spilled on City streets. These are sickening and offensive crimes that threaten public health and diminish the quality of life.

“It is imperative that human waste be reported to the proper authorities and cleaned immediately. Each incident must be investigated, and perpetrators must be prosecuted. This sort of crime is simply intolerable.

“In the past few days, dumping has been reported at three locations: Fleet Street and Pacific Avenue; 3rd Street and Sunset Boulevard; and 3rd Street and Rose Street.Watershed Protection Division (WPD) investigators, Los Angeles County Hazardous Materials crews and Los Angeles Police Department officers all responded and have appropriately removed the waste from all three locations.

“WPD officers arrived at Fleet and Pacific Tuesday evening and discovered a sewage odor emitting from a curb drain. They determined the waste came from an RV septic pump.The waste was collected and placed into two 55 gallon drums for disposal. They later responded to and conducted cleanups at the other two locations. Fortunately, there is no evidence that the liquid entered any storm drains at any of the locations.

Anyone who sees further incidents of human waste dumping should report them immediately. I advise all residents to call 911, as well as the LA County Hazardous Materials at 800-974-9794 (press 2 when prompted). I also encourage witnesses to call my office at (213) 473-7011 so we can track all incidents and their responses.